Woman Breaks News Of Engagement To Quarantined Grandpa From Across Window

After several states and countries have imposed an indefinite lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, we have seen windows turn into a mode of communication! Like the old man who surprised his wife on their 67th anniversary by arriving with a bunch of balloons and a sign outside her nursing home window, or even the two Italian guys who killed boredom by playing tennis across their apartment windows!

And now that the window has become our new friend, a woman in North Carolina shared an emotional moment with her grandfather in which she showed him her new engagement ring through the window of his Rehab Center, reports News18. This was the best way she could let him know the good news amidst the state-wide lockdown.

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After being proposed to, the woman wanted to convey the news to her 87-year-old grandfather. So the rehab staff came up with a plan. They asked her to come by his bedroom window and break the news. They even captured pictures of the adorable moment.

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The rehab centre posted about the incident on their Facebook page. Have a look:

Even though visitation is restricted at this time, staff suggested an alternative. Here, a resident’s granddaughter…

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People on the internet have been left teary-eyed by the post!

It’s touching to see how families are finding ways to connect with each other despite the lockdown. Stay safe, everyone!