Woman Shares How She Got A New Job With More Pay & Benefits Just 3 Days After Getting Fired

In the past couple of months, several people have been fired from some of the acclaimed companies for reasons best known to them. After being laid off, most of them took to LinkedIn to look for potential job openings.

And since getting a job isn’t a cakewalk these days,a lot of them must have felt heartbroken and demotivated. However, it might seem difficult but it’s not impossible.

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This woman was also fired from her job. But instead of wasting the day grieving the loss of a job, she immediately started sending off her resume to hiring companies.

And guess what, just three days after her being fired, she got another job. Taking to Twitter, the user ‘babyCourtfits’ shared her inspiring story.

“Life update: I was fired on Tuesday. On Friday I got a job offer that pays me 50% more, WFH option, and more PTO.”

Sharing this life update, she went on to remind everyone to always have their own back and never self-pity themselves.

“This is a reminder to always back yourself. Never let the opinions of others make you question who you are or should be. (I’m saying this after letting myself wallow in self-pity for several days.)”

According to News18, the user is an attorney by profession who got a 50% salary raise, got the ‘Work From Home’ option, and also more ‘Paid Time Off’ by her new employer despite being fired from her last job.

People were confused as to how did she get a job so quickly after being fired from the job. Well, the answer is to be transparent and upfront with your potential employer.

One might also think how was she able to get a job in just three days. Well, she was smart enough to start submitting her resumes the day she was fired.

And no, she hasn’t been applying for other jobs before being fired.

People online were blown away by her determination and self-confidence. After getting fired, one might be all over the place, trying to figure out what went wrong, and how to move forward but she had no self-doubt. The internet congratulated her on the epic win.

Good on you, woman. May you continue to inspire many of us.

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