Gujarat Man Stops Daughter-In-Law From Having Sex With Husband, Claims She’s ‘Possessed’


People who believe in the presence of the supernatural often fear ghosts, demons, and spirits. However, while there is no conclusive evidence about the existence of such things, it’s a subjective matter up for debate. Speaking of which, in a bizarre incident recently, a man from Gujarat allegedly prevented his daughter-in-law from getting sexually intimate with her husband claiming she was possessed by ‘ghost spirit’.

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The woman’s father-in-law claimed that the ‘ghost spirit she is possessed by’ would enter his son’s body if he had sex with her, reports TOI. However, the woman protested the claim and accused her in-laws and husband of allegedly thrashing her at their residence in Gandhinagar, reports India Today.

The 43-year-old woman, who hails from Vadodara, had married her husband in February 2020. She has now approached the police and filed a case under the Domestic Violence Act. In her complaint, the woman stated that her father-in-law falsely stated that she is possessed by some ‘ghost spirit’. She added,

“When I protest against their behavior, I was mentally harassed and thrashed by my in-laws and husband.” 

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Further, she also mentioned that her mother-in-law would provoke her father-in-law to sexually harass her, reports Times Now. “Whenever I was alone at the house, my mother-in-law would tell my father-in-law to molest me. I was forced to leave my husband’s house on March 10. And after that, other family members had tried to reach a compromise but my in-laws refused to take me in.”

She also alleged that her in-laws threatened her with dire consequences if she approached the cops. There have been cases in the past where women were harassed under the garb of various superstitions. Well, while it’s okay to have your own beliefs, hurting someone else in the process is inhuman. What do you think? Tell us.

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