Tinder Date Ends In Pregnancy, But 36-Year-Old’s ‘Search For Love’ Gets A Beautiful Twist!

In the digital age, all we have to do to find “love” is to swipe right! No matter how sad that sounds, it saves many of the several awkward conversations, uncomfortable moments, and desperate attempts of creating a good first impression!

While there are times when Tinder dates turn out to be horrible, there are many who have found the “one” on the popular dating app.

However, the story of a 36-year-old woman who tried falling in love via Tinder starts off with heading towards the right direction, but suddenly takes an awkward turn!

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According to sources, the unnamed woman was “desperate to fall in love and start a family”. And soon she found herself searching through possible suitors on Tinder.

She ‘matched’ with a guy called Jeff and after texting each other for the next 2 weeks, they decided to meet on what later turned out to become a very romantic date ending with a goodnight kiss.

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But when she didn’t hear from Jeff the next day, she decided not to get hung up on it and started searching for right-swipes again.

That’s when she found another match! A guy named Darryl with his quirky and funny personality swept her off her feet and they decided to see each other.

But that night she got a text back from Jeff asking her out again. And she did what any love-sick person would do – date both of them simultaneously for weeks to come!

After some time, she found herself wanting to know how the two guys felt about having a family and children.

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To her dismay, it was bad news. Both of them didn’t want to have kids. Not wanting to take the relationships further, she decided to end things with both the guys and eventually deleted Tinder.

Then came a very awkward twist to the story when the doctors told her that she’s pregnant! And the father could have been anyone between Jeff and Darryl.

But she decided to raise her child alone and not spill the news to either of the guys. She told her family and friends that she had used a sperm donor.

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When 8 months later her son Joshua was born, she had, in fact, finally got the love of her life!

“I was overjoyed with happiness and felt like I was the luckiest person on earth. He was perfect – and he was mine. I will do everything I can to give him the best life and shower him in as much love as two parents could give”, she said.

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Not always does love come into ourselves in the shape of a partner. Sometimes we find love in the most unexpected ways!

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