Woman Gets ‘Free Chicken For Life’ After Her Kind Tweet About Restaurant Goes Viral!

Well, they say there are no free lunches. Indeed, most of us have to work our way to enjoy a complimentary meal. But what if Karma brings a lifetime supply of chicken sandwiches your way free of cost? While we’re all not that lucky, this lady won herself free chicken sandwich for life because of her act of kindness.

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Here’s how:

Just a regular customer visiting Roaming Rooster, a Northeast Washington restaurant to try the much-hyped chicken sandwich, Bri Hall, a 24-year-old musician who goes by the stage name “La Hara” brought so much business to the outlet that they decided to reward her with free chicken for life.

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When Hall went to the outlet that her boyfriend, Kristopher Head, a photographer and videographer has been obsessing about, she tweeted an appreciation post for the sandwich she loved. Head was the one who introduced Hall to the restaurant about a year ago, she wrote in an email to The Washington Post.

Here’s the tweet that earned her free chicken for life.

Since her tweet, the restaurant has witnessed a line of customers that stretches out the door. “It’s the best thing that ever happened to us,” said Michael Habtemariam, 37, who owns Roaming Rooster along with his brother Biniyam Habtemariam, 41, and his brother’s wife, Hareg Mesfin, 40.

“Since then, it’s been so hectic, I mean right now, we have people lining up outside the door. It’s very exciting.”

After the restaurant announced free chicken for Hall, she tweeted:

Habtemariam estimates that his enterprise, which also operates four food trucks and a restaurant in the D.C. area, has sold somewhere between 4,500 and 5,000 sandwiches since the tweet landed.

Her tweet also inspired similar tweets praising the restaurant’s fried chicken. Since then, the food trucks are seeing a similar rush. Hall was finally able to meet the restaurant owners in person after they announced free sandwiches for her.

One tweet by Hall got the family so much business that their restaurant appears to be packed all day long! They ended up getting a long line of customers and the girl got a lifetime supply of free food. What a spectacular win for them both! (wink wink)

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