Woman Asks Girls If They’ve Been Flashed With A Penis And The Replies Are Enraging!

It was a month ago that people openly (at least, on social media) started talking about sexual assault and Alyssa Milano’s fight against Harvey Weinstein became a talking point. It resonated with every woman who has ever been assaulted by anyone. And, both men and women without divulging anything, simply uttered two of the most powerful words of 2017 – Me Too.

That acted as a catalyst and from every part of the world, stories of sexual assault emerged. Especially the entertainment industry, which took a big hit. Finally, the social media saw the magnitude of the problem and came to terms with the fact that harassment and assault are the sad reality. And, got a fair idea of what humans across the globe face on a regular basis.

A published author Jennifer Wright asked women to retweet if they’ve ever been flashed at without wanting to.

And, the ordeal echoed with the women of the inter-web. The tweet has about 204902 retweets and it is reaching more and more feeds. But it is the reply thread on it, that is heart-breaking.

Some of the stories are making us cry with rage.

1. Scarring experience.


2. How would a young girl even know?

3. It is sad, frightening and we need to do better.

4. She would never be able to forget that.

5. Different people have different reactions.

6. We, sadly, have to agree.

7. Inboxes on social media for ladies are full of such harassment stories.

8. This woman shared more than one of her horrifying incidents.

9. 17 and scarred.

10. So is ours.

11. What the hell?!

12. They strike when you least expect them to.

13. Women recounting the horror is spine-chilling.

14. Don’t quite like the joking about it bit, but what happened to her was awful.

15. Oh, Gosh! This is horrible.

16. That’s what the cops all over the world ask?

17. Creepy bus conductor, Indian women have encountered so many times.

18. That’s so traumatic.

19. Disgusting!

20. Some scars just stay with you.

Then, there were men too who shared their ordeal.

The number of RTs this tweet is getting is staggering and we are enraged.

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