Girl Spots Her Doppelganger Online, Later Discovers It’s Her Long Lost Twin Sister!

Growing up without siblings, my dearest wish was to dramatically stumble upon my twin one day. Well, it turns out, there’s no ‘separated at birth’ story in my past. However, this fantasy turned into reality for a woman from the city of Zhengzhou in China’s Henan province.

It all started when Cheng Keke’s younger sister spotted her sister’s doppelganger on Chinese social media. The uncanny resemblance prompted Cheng to reach out to Zhang.

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The two women soon became fast friends and discovered that they had similar hobbies and even the same blood group. Cheng Keke and Zhang Li finally met in person in March, reports Times Now News.

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Cheng observed, “We speak in exactly the same voice. When we are together, it is like looking in a mirror.”

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The similarities compelled Cheng to investigate further and that was when her parents admitted that she was adopted. Zhang’s mother confessed that their family had fallen upon hard times and couldn’t give a good life to both sisters. However, she explained that she hadn’t known the whereabouts of the other twin.

Cheng’s family insisted on a DNA test and the results came on April 29, confirming that they are twins. The two now share a closer bond than ever before!

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