Woman Finds 3.72 Carat Yellow Diamond While Watching YouTube Video On ‘How To Find Diamonds’

Have you ever been lucky enough to find a couple of bucks lying on the streets on your casual day out? Doesn’t it feel like hitting a jackpot?

Well, this lucky woman just hit the jackpot of the century on her first visit to a diamond park in Texas.

First things first.

Texas has a ‘Crater of Diamonds State Park’ in Arkansas, US. According to the park’s website, Crater of Diamonds State Park is the place where people can search for real diamonds in their original volcanic source. And any rock or mineral you find is yours to keep.

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Miranda Hollingshead, 27, is the lucky one who found a yellow diamond weighing around 4-carat on her casual day out with family.

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A first-time visitor to the park, Hollingshead said she was sitting in the shade, watching a YouTube video on how to find diamonds when she spotted the massive 3.72-carat gemstone.

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“I looked over at my kid for a second, and when I looked down, I saw it mixed in with other rocks. I shook my hand across it to make sure what it was, picked it up, and yelled across the field to my mom, ‘I think I got one!’”

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The park staff registered it as a 3.72 ct. yellow diamond. Reportedly, “It is the largest registered at the ‘Crater of Diamonds’ since March 2017, when a teenager from Centerton, Arkansas found a 7.44-carat brown gem. It is the largest yellow diamond since a visitor from Oklahoma City found a 3.85-carat jewel there in October 2013.”

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Sticking to the park’s tradition, Hollingshead and her son named the gem the ‘Caro Avenger’. She even plans to mount it in a ring if she doesn’t sell the diamond which is about the size of a pencil eraser.

While Hollingshead’s family day turned out to be a memorable one, we still struggle to convince our parents to take us to our favourite restaurant.

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