Mother’s Love: MP Village Woman Fights Leopard With Bare Hands To Save Son From Its Claws

In an incredible story that can only be called a classic example of a mother’s love, a woman in Madhya Pradesh managed to save her child from the claws of a leopard. She was unarmed and fought the leopard with her bare hands, just to save her child.

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According to Times Now, the woman, identified as Kiran, along with her three children, was sitting next to a fire outside their house in Badi Jhiriya village. It was dark and she was oblivious to the fact that a leopard was eyeing her 8-year-old son Rahul. Suddenly, the wild cat came out of its hiding, caught the boy in its jaws and ran away.

Kiran immediately asked her two other children to stay inside the house. She then ran off in the direction the leopard went into the dark forest. After a while inside the forest, she found the animal sitting in the bushes. Its paws were resting on the horrified child.

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She got hold of a stick and tried to scare the animal. According to TOI, Kiran then grabbed her child and pulled him from under the cat’s paws. The leopard attacked her but soon, gave in to her spirit. It ran away, leaving her and her child injured but alive.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, took to Twitter to share a picture of the mother and child and said that the government would bear the cost of their treatment. Lauding the mother’s spirit, he wrote:

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“The concern for their life and health is now the responsibility of the state. I salute the courageous mother.”

We salute Kiran for her courage!

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