Manager Asks Woman To Mute Herself On Meeting As Her Chips-Munching Sound Was Too Loud

After struggling a lot, we finally got the hang of working from home and attending client and office meetings virtually. And TBH, not just the introverts, some of us have also started liking sitting in our pajamas, waking up just minutes before the meeting and not having to deal with the hour-long traffic benefit of working from home.

But since galatiya toh insaano se he hoti hai, some of us become way too careless and laid back which often backfires.

This woman was also attending an office meeting from the comfort of her home snacking on a bag of chips.

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But when she was having the crunchy potato chips, she forgot to put herself on mute. And obviously, everyone else could hear her nom-noms while the manager was in the meeting.

The loud and tempting munching ASMR finally got the worse of her manager who then decided to ping her and ask her to put herself on mute as the sound of her eating chips was too loud.

Taking to Twitter, she shared the screengrab of the text message from her manager asking people online if she was in trouble for this incident.

This is what people online had to say about her funny gaffe.

Do you have any funny anecdotes to share from your WFH experience?

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