Woman Dresses Up Like Manjulika & Scares People In Bharatpur At Night, Watch Video

With so many old havelis being turned into heritage homes and people paying money to stay in them over the weekend makes me question, inhe darr nahi lagta kya? Even if I were to get paid to live in a haveli like that shown in Bhool BhulaiyaaI wouldn’t do so. Because one, I’ll be shit scared at night and two, I know that there are mischievous people hanging around who just love to scare people, like this woman!

The person I’m talking about is a woman named Prisha, who dressed up like a ghost (or Manjulika as she calls it) and scared people at a haveli in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. She also shared a video.

With her bikhre huye baal and a white bedsheet she chose to wrap herself with, Prisha had the time of her life scaring random people at night, from children to adults. I feel so sorry for the people who were her victims because they must have had a near-death experience!

Have a look:

People online were both laughing and were concerned about the people who got the scare of their lives, thanks to Prisha. Some also pointed out that Manjulika is indeed a ghost from 2023 as she’s wearing a pair of Nikes. 😛

Dear readers, please don’t try this!

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