Odisha Woman Donates Property Worth ₹1 Crore To Rickshaw Wala Who Stood By Her Like A Rock

Our dedication, selfless love, and service towards someone or something will always bear fruits. A rickshaw puller from Odisha’s Cuttack would have never thought of saving Rs 1 crore from his daily earnings. However, his unconditional devotion towards a family helped him realize his dream of having a lavish home and other luxuries.

63-year-old woman Minati Patnaik was touched by how the rickshaw puller Budha Samal wholeheartedly served her and her family. It was Budha who stood by her like a rock in the darkest of times. Therefore, as a token of love and appreciation, she donated her property of around Rs 1 crore to Samal. This act of compassion and generosity happened in Odisha’s Cuttack city.

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According to a report by DNA, for the past 25 years, Samal has been serving Minati Patnaik and her family members. Minati came to Cuttack city from Sambalpur after her wedding with Krishna Kumar Patnaik. The couple then had a daughter Komal. Since then, Samal has been serving the family. Unfortunately, both Krishna and Komal lost their lives.

“My husband passed away in 2020 while my daughter died in 2021. After that, all these properties have no value for me,” the grief-struck Minati said.

“When I was shattered and living in grief, none of my relatives stood by me. I was all alone. But this rickshaw puller and his family were taking care of my health without any expectation.”

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Even after Minati’s family left her, Samal never abandoned her. The lonely Minati was very well looked after by Samal and his family. The elderly woman was so touched that she decided to donate all of her assets to the family. Through a Will, Minati donated her three-story house in the Sutahat area of the city along with her gold ornaments, and all other assets to the rickshaw wala.

“Now, no one will harass Budha and his family after my death,” she said. Apparently, apart from Minati and her family, the rickshaw puller has never carried any other passenger in his rickshaw.

“I always made it a point to ensure that my family always looked after Minati after her husband died. We would continue to look after her till she is alive,” the humble Budha said.

It’s so heartwarming to see such acts of kindness and generosity at a time when people only think of their profit that too on the expense of others. Kudos!

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