Wife Drags Husband To Court & Seeks Divorce After He Stops Her From Playing PUBG

The magic of PUBG continues to cast its spell on fans, making people go beyond their limits to remain stuck to the game! But this PUBG mania is turning out a bit over-maniac in real sense. With people losing their life, failing in exams and stealing money from parents the PUBG addiction storm is only becoming more devastating with time.

Another crazy case of PUBG addiction has come to light in UAE where a woman is seeking a divorce from her husband for not letting her play the game. Director of the Social Centre at Ajman Police, Captain Wafa Khalil Al Hosani told Gulf News that they have lately received a bizarre case where a young 20-something woman has filed for divorce with her husband who stopped her from playing the online battle game.

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Wife’s increasing addiction to the game made her husband stop her from playing PUBG so that she can focus on her responsibilities towards the family. But little did he know that this would lead his wife nowhere but to the family court seeking a divorce from him.

The woman claimed that her husband is interfering with her right to choose the means of entertainment she wants. She alleged that she ‘derived pleasure and comfort’ from the game.

Speaking of marriage, recently a video of a groom playing PUBG on his D-day with his bride cluelessly looking at him went viral on the social media. It’s high time that people set their priorities right!

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