The Internet Collectively Loses It After Seeing A Woman Dip Chicken In Cola At The US Open

People act naturally when they know that they aren’t being watched. And they least expect to be noticed during sports matches because they know that the players are meant to get all the attention. That’s why if the camera happens to find them from time to time, they can be found doing a random assortment of things. However, what a woman was caught doing during the US Open is being considered a cardinal sin.

ESPN’s official Twitter handle put out a video of a woman having a snack during the US Open. Things were looking pretty normal until she ate her chicken.

Now, as a fan of chicken in general, I’ve eaten chicken in a lot of ways. I’ve eaten it with spaghetti, cheese, macaroni, rice, you name it. But for the first time in my life, I saw someone dip a piece of chicken into an icy glass of cola. And going by the reactions, it was a lot of people’s first time witnessing this strange combo.

You can watch the video here:

Netizens couldn’t believe what they were saying and they wanted the memory of this moment to be deleted from their minds:

1. I understand that feeling.

2. Physically or psychologically?

3. Just because they can, they shouldn’t.

4. Woah there now!

5. So many questions, so less time.

6. *spits out drink*

7. Somebody is already calling the cops.

8. Word!

9. What if she ate chicken dipped in cola and pineapple pizza?

10. Are you saying it’s an illusion?

11. That’s overreacting now.

12. If there’s a game, she has destroyed it.

Given all the hoopla around this mystery woman, news outlets soon reached out to her to get an answer about her eating habits. According to Indian Express, she’s Alexa Greenfield from New York and she was just teaching her nephew what her dad taught her about cooling chicken pieces by dipping them in cola. Considering how she says her dad never did it, I guess he meant it as a joke and never said that he was kidding. That said, will you try this combo?