Woman Interrupts Sister’s Job Interview, Beats Her Up For Having An Affair With Jiju, Watch

Siblings certainly share a special relationship that is peppered with lots of pranks and a fair few spats. However, it looks like two sisters took their spat too far. A video being circulated online shows a woman landing up at the office of her sister’s potential employer. Just to beat up her own sister.

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And what do you suppose her crime was? Well, DNA reports that the woman realized her sister was having an affair with her jiju. Take a look at the video below that seems to have been shot by another employee at the office.

People online had a lot to say about the video. While some speculated whether she’d ever get the job after the interview debacle, others opined that the husband was at fault for infidelity and should be held responsible.

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Who do you think was really at fault in this situation? Tell us!

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