Groom’s Ex Crashes Wedding In A Bridal Gown, Tries Snatching Him Away From His Bride!

Let me just put it out there – having exes attend your wedding is always, always a bad idea! An unwritten universal law states that no matter how healthy a breakup you may have gone through, you never invite an ex to your wedding. And if they happen to gate-crash, call security!

Because an ex appearing at your wedding can just mean one thing – disaster.

A woman in China recently crashed her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. But she didn’t just appear at the wedding. In fact, she appeared fully dressed as a bride, falling down on her knees, and begging the groom to take her back.

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According to sources, the ex arrived just in time before the bride and groom were about to kiss!

“It was my fault”, she tells the groom.

A video of the incident is making rounds on the internet where the ex can be seen trying to catch hold of the groom and pleading, while an annoyed groom tries to set himself free and calm his bride down.

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In the midst of all the drama, the bride finally leaves the stage in disgust and the groom runs after her.

This looks like something out of a dramatic desi TV serial, tbh.

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Shocked by the situation, the wedding emcee hilariously says, “we have an unexpected situation here…perhaps this is the reality of love”.

Watch the video here:

Imagine this happening on your wedding day!

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