Cancer Patient Finds Inspiring Message In A Bottle, Tries To Track Down 5 YO Who Wrote It!

Sometimes, life can bring you inspiration from the most unlikeliest quarters. But rest assured, it will always be at the time you least expect it but need it the most.

Laura Barnard, a resident of New South Wales, is battling breast cancer. She and her husband were recently walking on the beach when they found a message in a bottle!

Laura and her husband found the message at the North Entrance Beach in New South Wales.

Turns out, the message was not from some long lost era but from earlier in 2018 itself! A five-year-old boy called Flynn had written a sweet message, put it in a bottle and let the waves do their thing!

For Laura, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February this year, the year has been a hard one. And the message really brough a smile to her face.

According to The Daily Mail, Laura underwent¬†chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy in the last year and has only a few weeks of treatment left. She’s been declared cancer-free by the doctors; although she’ll have to wait for 3-5 years before she is in full remission.

“It just touched us so much after what me and Mark have been through this year.”

Now, Laura is desperately looking to find little Flynn so she can get him a present and thank him properly!

And who better than the good people of social media to help in this search! Message In A Bottle Hunter shared Laura’s message ont their Facebook page asking people to help find the boy!

“We found a message in a bottle on the beach … it was the cutest thing and a lovely message. We would love to know who this 5 year boy is so we can thank him and let him know someone found it. We found it at the Entrance beach Australia. It made mine and Mark O’ Sullivan’s evening.

Please share the post as much as you can so we can find him and hopefully send this little man a card.”


Isn’t this just the most perfect story for the festive season? Let’s hope there’s a miracle soon and Laura finds the source of her inspiration!