Woman Brings 23 Relatives To Her Date To Test The Man, He Flees Before Paying The Bill!

First dates are always special. There is an innocent awkwardness of meeting someone new as several questions keep spinning on your mind – “How would the person be like?”, “Would he/she like me?”, “What should I order?”, “Should we split the bill?”, etc. We might even think of “testing” our date to find out how they really are. And that’s what one woman did.

According to Daily Mail, one woman in China recently went on a blind date and took 23 of her relatives along with her! She did that to test her 29-year-old date’s generosity, turning their romantic candle-light dinner into a horror show for the man.

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It was the man’s mother who had set up the date after her son was single for too long. The guy offered to pay for the date as he thought he would be paying for just 2 people. However, when his date arrived with 23 relatives unannounced, he was in for a toss.

The woman wanted to see if her date was “generous” enough to pay for 25 people.

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The relatives didn’t hold back either. The ordered some of the most expensive dishes and alcohol. And when the bill arrived, the guy saw it was a whopping 19,800 yuan (Rs 2.18 lakhs approximately). And so, the guy fled without paying the bill!

He did fail the “generosity test” and the woman had to pay the entire bill herself.

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Later, the two reached an agreement where the guy would have to pay a part of the bill and rest of the bill would be split among the 23 relatives!

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Imagine going on a blind date and your date arrives with her family! What would you do? Tell us!

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