Woman Kisses Stranger & Bites Off Part Of His Tongue During Street Fight, A Seagull Later Eats It

Getting into a physical fight with someone can have grave consequences and sometimes you might end up hurting yourself really badly like this man.

A Scottish man recently had the worst brawl with an unknown woman on the street that ended up him losing a part of his tongue, reported The Sun. James McKenzie got into an argument with Bethaney Ryan in Edinburgh that soon turned into a brutal scuffle. In the course of their heated argument, the man fiercely walked towards her with a ‘clenched fist’. Retaliating to his actions, the 27-year-old Bethaney allegedly pushed him, kissed him, and then bit off a chunk of his tongue.

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According to Prosecutor Susan Dickson, “she kissed him on the lips and bit through his tongue, which caused a piece to be removed,” much to James’s astonishment.

After James was able to detach himself from the painful lip-lock, he spat the blood accumulated inside his mouth, and along with it came out the part of the tongue that was around 2cm by 3cm in size, reports Mail Online.

What added to his misery was when a seagull immediately rushed to the spot and flew away with the piece of the muscle, leaving no scope for him to get the part of the tongue attached again.

“Mr. McKenzie walked off and spat it out, at which point the piece of muscle was picked up by a large seagull that made off with it,” Prosecutor Susan told the court.

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Even though the victim was immediately rushed to a hospital, the misadventure sadly left with him a permanent disfigurement. “He did not require surgery, given that the piece of the tongue was no longer available and could not be reattached,” informed Prosecutor Susan.

As matters went to the court, Ryan pleaded guilty for attacking James while her solicitor, Neil Martin, said that the attack by his client was ‘a very strange incident in the round’. The final hearing on this matter has been deferred as of now.

It still remains unclear what lead to their ‘bloody brawl’. We shall wait for the court’s judgment on this matter.

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