19-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Raping Another Woman Using A Sex Toy In Delhi

In September 2018, the Supreme Court gave a historic verdict by scrapping a part of section 377 of Indian Penal Court. The part which criminalized consensual same-sex sexual relationship and marriages was read down. Thus making love free of gender in the country. It not only opened the doors to happy marriages and love relationships in the LGBT community but has also brought crimes along.

In a very first case of its kind in the country, Delhi police have arrested a 19-year-old woman on charges of raping another woman. The survivor narrated the horrifying incident in the court, reported News 18. The survivor said that the woman tied artificial male genitalia to her waist and forced her in anal sex.

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The accused was then arrested and interrogated by Delhi police after which she was produced before the Karkardooma court. Following the woman’s statement made before the magistrate at the court, she was convicted under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The woman has been charged under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code for non-consensual intercourse and provisions of the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act. She is into custody now and serving her jail term at Tihar jail until further proceedings.

The case first came to light back in October. But following the debate about of consensual and non-consensual same -sex intercourse, the survivor could not register the case. Later on, the government officials cleared the air and stated: “Section 377 of the IPC will now be applicable only in cases of no consent penile unnatural sex which also involves minors”.

The survivor belongs to the East of India. She shifted to Delhi for work and fell prey to a scandal run by the accused woman. The survivor quit her job at Gurgaon to start her own business of online clothing merchandise. As a part of her business assignment, she was looking for partners to invest money. During her training session in Punjab’s Rajpura, the woman was asked to cough up Rs 1.5 lakh as investment money. The amount was somehow arranged by her father through a loan.

During the process of finding investors for her business, the survivor met a man called Rohit, another accused, who claimed at working with HCL group. The man told that he was ready to invest in her business. The man then took her to an apartment where she met another accused Rahul. The two men forced themselves upon her and raped her. The woman accused then entered the scene who raped using a sex toy as told by the survivor.

Recalling the incident the survivor said, “First, they forced me to have sex with them. Then it became a gang affair. Soon, I was sent to serve clients and the accused woman was always there in the apartment. She often tried to get close to me, and when I refused, she used to beat me.”

“The woman was not forced to do it. She was deriving pleasure out of it. I want to see her punished along with the other two,” pleaded the survivor. This is first such case that has followed a legal proceeding after certain provisions of section 377 of IPC were scrapped.