Twitter Says ‘Woh Bhi Kya Din The’ As They Remember Their Favourite Things From Childhood


It’s only when we grow up that we realise that some of the best experiences we had were from childhood. Like coming back home from school and watching ‘Pokémon’ at 5 PM, or playing video games like ‘Need For Speed’ and ‘Road Rash’ on Sunday afternoons, or even watching our favourite TV serials like ‘Shakalaka Boom Boom’! Those were really the best days of our lives!

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Which is why people on the internet are drowning in the nostalgia of the good old days. Many took to Twitter to share glimpses of their favourite things from childhood and said ‘Woh Bhi Kya Din The’. So much so that #WohBhiKyaDinThe is now trending on Twitter!

Have a look:

I wish there was a way to rewind our lives and get our childhood back!

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