Twitter Thread On Wives Financially Supporting Husbands’ Business Ventures Is Winning Hearts

Men financially supporting their wives is celebrated in our society. But women financially supporting their husbands is looked down upon. A man’s masculinity and self-respect are questioned if they ask for financial support from their wife, either when they lose their job or are starting their own entrepreneurial venture. In an ‘equal’ society, this shouldn’t have any place.

Hence, this Twitter thread on husbands who were financially supported by their wives upon starting their own business ventures is winning hearts online for all the right reasons.

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The thread was written by a woman named Richa Singh who gave examples of businessmen like Narayana Murthy (Infosys) and Bhavish Aggarwal (Ola). These men were financially supported by their wives when they started out, highlighting the role of a supportive spouse in shaping one’s career, irrespective of gender.

Have a look:

Not just these famous businessmen, but several men online shared their stories of being supported by their wives in their careers. People also hailed such women who rejected gender roles and focused on being life-partners instead, in the true sense.

Kudos to such women!

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