16 Hilarious Quotes By Some Of The Wittiest Comedians Of India

Wits have been there in every generation. Witty people are known for their intelligent humor. Not only are they funny, but they also don’t hesitate in pointing out the social realities. The blend of humor and their capacity for inventive thought is what makes them stand out.

Over the years, we have known many famous wits like Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill. But thanks to the rise of the stand-up comedy scene in India, we now have the privilege to witness some of the funniest and wittiest individuals in action.

Here are some of their wittiest lines that would not just tickle your bone but also your brains.

1. When Biswa Kalyan Rath spoke for all the introverts.

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2. When Tanmay Bhat told us exactly how Daler Mehendi’s songs sound like.

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3. When Sorabh Pant took a humorous dig at IIPM’s founder and all such universities.

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4. When Biswa Kalyan Rath spoke the truth about all the bachelors.

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5. When Varun Grover told us how some things have become less interesting.

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6. When Ashish Shakya told us how the companies actually operate.

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7. When Kunal Rao spoke for most of us.

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8. When Varun Grover told us what is exactly wrong with America in his own humorous way.

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9. When Biswa Kalyan Rath gave the most honest definition of a bachelor.

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10. When Aditi Mittal told us how society still thinks about an independent girl.

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11. When Sapan Verma asked the question we all want to ask.

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12. When Gursimran Khamba told us something that we all agree with.

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13. When Sorabh Pant was absolutely correct.

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14. When Tanmay Bhat told us how we treat a person in a committed relationship and one in a hospital, in the same way.

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15. When Aditi Mittal was bang on.

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16. When Vir Das told us the sad truth.

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These people show us that we Indians are not behind anybody even when it comes to wit and humor.

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