11 Winter Memories Every 90s Kid Cherishes Like Piping Hot Chai In Chilly Mornings!

Winter is here! Well, long before House Stark popularised the phrase as their House’s motto, we all have been exclaiming it as soon as summers were leaving, the temperatures dipped and the winter-wear was spotted in the gullies.

We’re sure the kids today too have a lot of memories for these winter months, but the ones 90s kids have with them, aaj kal mein woh baat kaha? Hopping on the winter train-ride of memories, here we are reminiscing those fond anecdotes we have bookmarked in our memory books. They are just like piping hot chais we love sipping in these winter mornings.

1. As soon as the first winter breeze blew, mom’s pestering for winterwear would start.

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And, hearing “beta sweater pehno” was a daily chant. Plus, the thermals. Dayam, these Rupa, Lux ads would make it worse.

2. Sliding on the floor with woolen socks on, all day.

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Zzoopp! Swosh! And, thap! (when we fell on our butts during the stunts :P)

3. Winter = Endless hours of playing badminton.

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Come winter, our racquets were dusted off and we were ready to take on the world. We were National-level players in our own might.

4. Winter meant school blazers and flaunting ’em was cool!

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Going to school in the mornings meant being frozen to death (knee-down for girls who were to wear skirts sans stockings or slacks). But it were the school blazers that kept us warmed up and made us look smarter.

5. The inability to wake up in the morning for school.

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Name one person who didn’t feel extra-sleepy in the morning and was able to wake-up to frostiness and be school-ready. None, right!

6. Gajar ka halwa!

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These were the magical words before “I love you” crept into our lives. Also, Makke di roti, sarson da saag. ❤

7. Sharing quilts with siblings or parents or grand-parents.

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How cool…err…warm was that? If given a chance, we would repeat it and feel the cosiness all over again.

8. Basking in the sun, soaking in the winter breeze while chomping on winter-fruits, especially oranges.

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Soak! Munch! Repeat!

9. Nana-Nani’s place and Christmas memories.

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Vacations meant going to grandparents’ house or family vacays. And, Christmas celebrations were a snazzy affair too.

10. It was the season when breath vapour was cool.

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Arey, the dhua (condensed exhaled breath) that came out of our mouths when it got really cold. Plus, the patterns we made on washroom mirror were ?!

11. Cold creams!

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Be googly woogly wooshing Pond’s or Charmis or dollops of nivea, winters and cold creams are janam janam ke saathi. Even, today. This is probably the only thing we still have been doing since we were kids.

Did we open the gates to memoryland? Well how about you too share some with us in the comment section below.