People Can’t Stop Gushing Over This Dalmatian With A Heart-Shaped Nose

It’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and everywhere I look, I see hearts. Billboards on the street, advertisements on the TV, bakeries and my social media feed – overflowing with a profusion of them. They’re all red and cheesy. And I thought I couldn’t take even one more until I saw this.

Wiley, the Dalmatian, who has the most paw-dorable heart-shaped black spot on his nose. He lives in Denver, Colorado with his hooman Lexi Smith.

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Merry Monday & Happy New Week 🖤 #minimemonday

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Lexi once went to a brewery called ‘Wiley’ which serves a beer named ‘Black and White’. That became the inspiration for naming her dog. He’s no ordinary dog though. He’s an internet sensation with his very own Instagram account and 117,000 followers. In an interview with the Evening Standard, she revealed that,

“Everyone notices the heart. Can’t take him anywhere without being mobbed, but he loves all the attention.”

If the overdose of mush was bringing you down and making you dread V-day, look at these 10 pictures of Wiley being his cute self. You’ll feel better in no time.

  1. Little fluffball

2. Can I take you home with me?


4. I ‘woof’ him already

5. Cute, cuter, cutest

6. Bow-ties suit him, don’t you think?

7. Be still, my beating heart

8. Furball of sunshine

9. The munchkin loves hiking

10. What a cutie

I think I’m going to frame one of his pictures and keep it on my work desk. Would you do it too?