‘WiFi Drops By 1 Bar’ Memes Accurately Describe Life With Slow Internet

There’s a popular saying – If you want to test someone’s patience, see how they react to slow internet!

One of the top 5 annoying things in the world is slow internet which can transform a completely lovable person to an angry monster in no time, because:
A) There is just something extremely pissing off about watching a 1080p video at 144p.
B) The circular ‘loading’ sign doesn’t make time move faster.
C) Slow internet is a social media addict’s worst nightmare.

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If you’re someone who has been a victim of the terrible situation that is slow internet, you will find these memes so relatable that it hurts. ‘WiFi Drops By 1 Bar’ memes are going viral on the internet and they are hilarious AF! Check them out:

Your WiFi connectivity might not be on point but these memes are!