Guy Shares His Wife’s Tricks For Sustainable Living & Turning Everything Into Storage

When you start living alone and have a financially independent life, there are some things that you begin to realise.
Groceries are expensive.
Electricity does not magically appear in your house. You have to pay for it.
Your parents were right – paise pedh pe nahi ughte.

It is then that you start getting very good at reusing, recycling, and repurposing things around the house. Daaru ke bottles become planters. Cookie boxes become storage boxes, plastic packets become gloves while cleaning, and your old clothes come handy while dusting the house.


Then another realisation dawns upon you – you have become your mother. *shivers*

Hilariously, one guy from Bangalore (@HaramiParindey) took to Twitter to share his wife’s tricks for sustainable living. Kids might make fun of this, but real adults will hail the woman as a genius.

Turning cocktail mixer bottles into planters. Genius.

Turning takeout containers into cosmetic holders. Genius.

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Using cookie boxes to store lipsticks. Again, genius.

The wife received immense appreciation online because are you even middle-class if you don’t do such things?

People call it sustainable living. We call it paise bachaana.

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