Wife Turns Off WiFi After Hubby Hides In Loo Watching Videos To Avoid Changing Baby’s Diapers


After smartphones became an integral part of our lives, most of us cannot imagine a day without them. We are so hooked on to them that we take it along wherever we go, even if it means going to the loo. With that said, I have also seen people fake talking on phone or pretending to ‘work’ on the device just to avoid someone or something.

Well, this dad decided to do the same to ‘avoid his domestic and fatherly duties’. That’s why his wife came up with a new-age solution to this new age problem. A Reddit user posted a query on the app asking people if she was doing the right thing by turning off the Wi-Fi when her husband ‘camps in the bathroom for extended lengths of time’, reports The Sun.

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She explained how her husband goes to the bathroom first every time it’s his turn to change the diapers of their twins who are less than a year old or even just soothing a fussy newborn. She went on to say that although her husband is on medication (because of which he has to use the loo very often) he’s been spending more time in the washroom since the birth of their twins.

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She also added that he would take his phone in there and spend nearly half-an-hour watching YouTube videos. After noticing that he often does that when it’s his turn to look after the babies, the wife decided to turn off the Wi-Fi when her husband’s in the loo.

Here’s her entire post:

AITA for turning off the wifi when my husband camps in the bathroom for extended lengths of time. from AmItheAsshole

After reading her ordeal, people online came to the conclusion that she was doing the right thing by disconnecting his internet connection as he was using his medical condition as an excuse to push away the parental duties.

Well, if going by what people say, it’s wrong of the father to expect the mother to complete most of the childcare alone. FYI, both the parents are on maternity/paternity leave currently. What do you think of this? Tell us.

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