Pulwama Martyr Major Dhoundiyal’s Wife Set To Join Indian Army As Lieutenant Nikita Dhoundiyal

A braveheart from the Indian armed forces, Major Vibhuti Shankar Dhoundiyal attained martyrdom in the Pulwama encounter at 34 years of age in 2019.

Major Dhoundiyal sacrificed his life for the nation just 9 months after his wedding with his wife Nikita Kaul Dhoundiyal. At the time, Nikita showed great valor and kissed her husband adieu and told him ‘I Love You’ for one last time.

The heartbreaking visuals of their separation brought tears to our eyes.

And as a tribute to her husband’s sacrifice, Nikita decided to join the armed forces. Last year, she cleared the mandatory Short Service Commission (SSC) examination and the Services Selection Board (SSB) interview. Nikita was ever since waiting to make it to the merit list post which she would join the forces as a cadet, reported Hindustan Times.

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Well, the courageous woman has finally cleared all formalities and is set to join the Indian Army. After completing her training at Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai, she is now ready to join the Indian Army as Lieutenant Nikita Kaul Dhoundiyal on May 29, 2021, said reports.

This is indeed a true tribute to her husband. Hats off to her patriotism!


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