‘Scared’ Husband Praises Badass Wife For Trapping A Bat That Flew Into Their Home


Stories of people’s family members having your back have always made us feel grateful for having our near and dear ones close to us. For instance, a 5-year old boy ringing the emergency number on his toy ambulance and saving his unconscious mom’s life or a brother saving his sister from a dog attack saying, “If someone had to die, it should be me.”

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Emergencies aside, almost all of us have found ourselves to be stuck with an unwanted insect or lizard in our rooms at one point in time or another. And for those of us who can’t get rid of them by ourselves, we very well know who in the house can. This new video is a clear testament to that.

A couple shared a video on Reddit where they recently found themselves in a fix upon spotting a stray bat flying inside their home. While the husband was admittedly scared at the scenario, the wife took matters into her own hands, quite literally. Check out the video to see what happened:-

I admit I’m a pussy I wanted nothing to do with this – my wife is a champ! from funny

In the video, we see her wearing gloves in order to protect herself from any rabid bites and holding a red towel. She deftly proceeds to grab hold of the stray bat from the corner of the room beside the sofa as they both exclaim that she “got him”. The husband films as her she runs outside the door to set the bat free.

Before letting it go, she reminds him to close the door so that the bat doesn’t make its way back inside again. Finally, she throws the towel into the air, and the bat escapes instantly and flies off at a distance. He ends the video calling her “a champ” and we couldn’t agree more!

Redditors responded to the video and they naturally gained a lot of reactions praising the woman:-







Others recalled their own encounters with bats and suggested that the couple get medical advice to play it safe:-

Who is the one person in your life who has always got your back just like in this video? Share this with them!

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