Wife Touches Husband’s Feet During Zoom Meeting Because He Photobombs Her Yoga Class Shirtless


Virtual classes and meetings have become a norm and while they’re generally boring, sometimes, we see really funny things happening on them. Earlier, friends staged a kidnapping so that their dost could skip an online lecture.

Now, Twitter user Poonam Kumpatla has narrated how she took creative revenge after her husband photobombed her yoga classes (she’s a teacher) shirtless.

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She also revealed that her idea was based on the fact that her husband’s colleagues aren’t desi and what their reaction was like.

Twitter was quite tickled by her ‘badla’ and pronounced it the most savage comeback ever. Check it out.

Most couples have certain things they get annoyed by, but not everyone has such a fun way to deal with them, don’t you think?

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