Man Depicts His Life With Wife In These Comics And They’re Just The Right Kind Of Romantic

While, all the dreamy movies about romance, tell us what leads a certain couple to their wedding, but NO ONE tells us what happens after that.

But I hear it from friends and I witness a lot of married couples, holding hands and knee-deep in love. Such irrevocable love that I can’t even put in words.

Taking the burden of couples of our generation, who are sometimes skeptical to take the plunge for love, Yehuda Adi Devir, a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator, cartoonist depicts his lives joy with his beautiful wife, Maya!

And they are oh-so-adorable. You have to check them out!

1. That is an endless drive!


2. That sweet sweet place!


3. That’s almost ready, you know!


4. Troubling the wife a little bit!


5. Cooking is TOUGH!


6. Workout is FUN this way!


7. Shaving ain’t fun, just so you know!


8. The morning chills!


9. Sometimes, the wives forget too.


10. And there was BLOOD…


11. It’s getting hot in here. Too hot?


12. Winters are definitely not the season to get waxed.


13. Don’t you worry babe…


14. Wives always come bearing gifts, ALWAYS.


15. That leg ain’t that warm, honey!

What a super-cute depiction of a relationship. The one that loves you with all your quirks is the man you want to marry!

So if you have one in your life, go MARRY HIM!

H/T: BoredPanda

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