11 Reasons Why Guys Like Alia Bhatt


Alia Bhatt is really smart. Do you not agree with this statement? Think about it again. She made some mistakes but smartly turned the situation 360 degree in her favor. And that was really smart. Along with her cute and sometimes really hot avatars, she has also proved her acting and singing skills.

Here are the reasons why every guy out there is falling flat on his face for this young lady.

1. She messed up big time but only proved that she is a sport and she can take jokes on her

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Every guy likes a girl who is not a cry baby and comes out of a situation confidently.


2.  The fact that she did not rely on her home production to build a career at that young age

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Self-made woman. A turn on for every smart independent man out there.


3. She has a great sense of humour, remember the video – Genius of the year?

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She will laugh and make others laugh. Happy smiles all around will automatically attract all the cool dudes.


4. Her style is quirky and creative, that makes her stand out

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The head turner of a party is everyone’s first choice.


5. For her age she is really open minded and acts without holding behind any inhibition

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Her characters in her films talk a lot about what her views are and the way she thinks. An open mind is the first thing anyone would fall for.


6. She knows how to stay in the business and make good out of every opportunity

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It’s a complete turn on for guys when they see girls take a charge of their situation like a strong independent woman.


7. She not only acts and dances well, but also sings very well. Her voice is simply soulful

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A beautiful girl who can also sing well. Isn’t that an added perk every guy would fall for?


8. She comes across as a friendly person and has broken the myth of “two actresses can’t be friends”

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Every guy likes a girl who takes it easy and makes friends with everyone. She’s not the kind of girl who believes in “I am cute so I won’t be friends with other pretty girls”.


9. She is damn cute 🙂



10. Because of her bubbly nature and fun attitude she looks like a girl who is approachable

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Now, though guys can’t really get through her in real life, but in their fantasy world, they can always dream big.


11. Sometimes she looks really hot. Alia is like a perfect combination of cute and sexy

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Boys, need I say more?

This not only tells us about how cool Alia Bhatt is, but also about what guys like about girls, in general.

Meanwhile, all we want to say to Alia is – Continue to rock the world with your awesomeness. <3

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