Desis Share Wholesome Stories Of How Strangers In Mumbai Helped Them & Were Very Loving

Mumbai is not only the city of dreams. Mumbai is a city filled with people who might be strangers to one another but are incredibly compassionate and kind. I think it stems from the fact that Mumbaikars are aware that everyone is trying their best to survive in a city which is so fast that it waits for no one.

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Hence, you will stumble upon wholesome stories for Mumbaikars helping one another and bringing cheer in each others’ lives. For example, one person took to Reddit to share how he was travelling via a local train in Mumbai and he saw an uncle celebrating his retirement day. Other regulars at the train brought him cake, chai and vada pav and everyone was celebrating.

“This was in 2019 when I was coming back from Pune to Mumbai. Had to switch to a local train in Thane to get to Ghatkopar. It was in the morning when there are usually ‘dabba’ regulars. One uncle was retiring that day and the other regulars actually got him a cake + chai and vada pav. They got like 50 or so just so everyone can have at least the VP. There was a legit party in the dabba and they were telling stories about the uncle and just having fun time,” he wrote.

The uncle came up to the Reddit user, gave them a vada pav and hugged them. What an incredibly sweet gesture!

“The uncle came up to me, gave me the VP, hugged me, and as I said congratulations he said thank you for coming with that typical genuine smile. I almost cried man. How can strangers who have just a train timing in common and know nothing about each other do this. I absolutely love the people and the energy in this city,” he added.

Have a look at the post here:

My most wholesome Mumbai experience ever from mumbai

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Many others took to the comments section to share similar experiences that they’ve had in Mumbai. The stories will bring a smile in your face! Here’s a look:

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I hope the spirit of this city never ceases!

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