Several White People Confessed They Don’t Wash Their Legs While Bathing, Twitter Reacts

‘Wash your hands’ is something a lot of us heard multiple times last year in the wake of the pandemic. But now Twitter has exploded into a ‘debate’ after several white people online confessed to not washing their legs while having a bath, which has honestly left many of us scratching our heads in confusion.

person holding silver faucet in sink
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This ‘leg washing’ debate started in the year 2019 when a woman claimed that she didn’t believe in washing her legs.

And white folks have resurfaced again with their confessions in 2021. Yes, even after a harrowing pandemic!

From not being taught “how to bathe” to it being a “waste of soap”, there were many reasons white folks gave against washing their legs.

Clearly, the rest of us were left confused by this.

  1. How can you not wash your legs?

2. Others questioned their reasons for choosing not to wash their legs in the shower:

3. No words except ‘why’ or ‘what’

I had heard of skipping leg day at the gym, but didn’t anticipate people skipping leg washing day too. What do you think of these confessions? Tell us.

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