A UK Couple Will Make Rs. 47 Lakhs By Selling This Ugly Piece Of…”Whale Vomit”!

This piece of news is not easy to digest. A whale-vomit has made a UK couple rich.

UK couple Gary and Angela Williams are over the moon after discovering  that the smelly rock they picked up on the beach turned out to be ‘whale-vomit’ which is potentially worth a whopping 50,000 pounds ( ₹47.3 lakhs).


The Williams who hail from Lancashire were walking on the Middlestone Sands beach when a stench caught their attention. On following the rotting smell, the couple came stumbled across a weird looking rock.


As luck would have it, this bizarre-looking rock turned out to be a piece of ambergris or ‘whale-vomit’. Ambergris are highly valuable and are used to make perfumes. Having read about ambergris earlier, the couple wrapped the lump and took it home.


Interestingly in 2013, a previous piece of ‘whale-vomit’ was sold for a stupendous 1,20,000 pounds. The couple is currently in talks with potential buyers.

Isn’t this couple ‘Whaley Whaley Lucky’? 😛

Image and News Source: The Mirror

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