A 30 Foot Whale Washed Up Dead At Juhu Beach In Mumbai And Shocked Onlookers

Juhu beach was never known for its cleanliness or its rich aquatic culture, however on Thursday night an unexpected guest paid them a visit.

A nearly 30 foot whale washed ashore Juhu Beach, Mumbai last night.

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The whale was spotted by some joggers at 10pm on Juhu Beach. They immediately reported their sighting to Police and Forest officials.

 The twenty tonne Bryde’s whale had been dead for about three days.

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Animesh Limaye, an expert from Reefwatch India commented, “There could be many reasons – sound pollution under water, pollution from industries, plastic consumption, or even disease, since the animal has no external injuries,”.

Cranes were called in to pick up the remains of the magnificent creature.

This is the second largest whale to wash ashore on Maharashtra’s coastline, after a whale that was found dead after much struggle, on the Raigad coastline, last year.

Whale stranding is not uncommon, but it’s reasons have baffled marine biologists for years.

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According to experts some reasons for whale beaching are following a disoriented leader, following prey rich waters, being terrified by predators and climate changes.

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