This Mumbai Coaching Class Used GOT Characters To Promote Their Batches And It’s On Point!

The Song of Ice and Fire has taken root and they’re spreading everywhere. Every. Fucking. Where. No one has been spared. From Pani Puri vendors to class presentations, and now this.

An engineering tuitions class in Ulhasnagar, Mumbai has come up with an ingenious way to promote it’s special study batches.

Image source
Image source

Reddit user ghatroad uploaded this image to the Reddit Funny subreddit and the image has already racked up more than 4,000 views! And I have to admit, the level of referencing in here is on point, and not just random name throwing. I’m sure this marketing campaign would have paid off fantastically.

I just hope I don’t suffer a Ned Stark special from my father after these exams!

Source: Reddit

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