West Has Just Discovered How To Make Leaf Plates, Desi Twitter Says, “Take Tips From Us”

Remember having weekly langar in your neighborhood as a kid? We were always served food in leaf plates a.k.a ‘pattal’ or ‘donnai’, right? We Indians have grown up eating food at temples in such “leaf plates” since ever. In some Indian villages, the traditional wedding feast is also served in such leaf plates. This is nothing less than a part of our centuries-old culture, isn’t it?

But just like the benefits of Moringa tree and cardiac coherence breathing exercise, our mates from the West have recently, discovered the “technique” of making eco-friendly leaf plates!

Leaf Republic, a German company manufactures plates and tableware made up of leaves. These plates are 100% biodegradable.

Indians, like always, were left baffled at this out of the box invention by the West! After all, we have been aware of the idea of eco-friendly leaf plates for ages.

Desi Twitterati took no time to school them on the basics and roots of their latest discovery. Here’s how they welcomed the idea:

Ironically, even the tagline of the company reads “I am Like You. I am Different”. For they are certainly trying to be like ‘us’ living on our wisdom still calling their so-called “innovation” different (just saying).