This Breathtakingly Beautiful Timelapse Of The Taj Mahal Will Leave You Enchanted!

There is a reason the wonders of the world are what they are. Their rich blend of beauty, history, cultural importance, and the value they hold for the country in which they are present mark them as important heritage structures.

I hold no authority, but in my honest opinion, I feel the Taj Mahal is the most beautiful of all the wonders of the world. Millions of films, videos, images, and accounts from millions of people chronicle the Taj Mahal even today, and they receive the same love and adoration from around the world.

This timelapse video of the Taj by Timestance is from another dimension altogether. The sheer beauty of the shrine has been captured intricately, and it is worth noticing how it manages to beautify its surroundings as well.

Image source
Image source

Source: Timestance (Vimeo | Website | Facebook)