14 Things You Do Around Your Crush That Would Be Weird Otherwise

Research suggests that having a crush on someone causes some major alterations in the way our mind works during the phase. Ever realized why we blush furiously, have intense feelings of love, and lack concentration and focus when they’re around? Yeah, blame it all on the chemical locha.

Though it’s considered okay to do dumb things when you’re crushing on someone, it would be absolutely weird if these things happened on a regular basis. Here are the things people do around their love interest that would be considered inappropriate otherwise:

1. Stare endlessly at them

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Do that with some other random stranger and watch what happens.


2. Blush when their name comes up

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If you got all pink at random situations, people might think you have a problem.


3. Try to sound cute when you’re talking to them

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The baby voice will seriously piss your friends off if you did that in front of them. Nahi?


4. Constantly stare at your phone number and wonder if you should text

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Never will you ever take an eternity to text someone.


5. Become nervous when they’re around

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Fumble, get jittery, and make an obvious fool of yourself in front of people. Ideally, that would be really weird


6. Constantly checking their social media profiles

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You would never do that for anyone- not even for your dog whose social media profile you created all by yourself.


7. Get the same kind of perfume/deo they wear

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If the situation were any different, you’d change your deo if you realised that someone else was smelling exactly like you. EWW!


8. Find out their likes and dislikes and deliberately make an attempt to like and dislike the same things

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But on any other normal day, you couldn’t stand anyone who loved listening to metal.


9. Deliberately find reasons to drive past their homes

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It would be of serious concern for the people in the neighbourhood to see the same car circling the area for an hour.


10. Secretly celebrate their birthday

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Your dog would feel utterly betrayed. He probably thought he was the only one whose birthday you celebrated with so much passion. ūüôĀ


11. Always make some reason or the other to talk to them

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If you walked up to your canteen guy every two minutes trying to make small talk, he’s probably going to ask someone else to cover his shift. *creep alert*


12. Try to sound as intelligent as you can in front of them

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Your friends would probably burst out laughing if you used an unusually long word out of nowhere.


13. Give death glares to their crushe’s significant others (if they have any)

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People would be creeped out, no questions asked.


14. And finally, obsess over the tiniest details of their lives

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A lot of your friends would feel insulted because you don’t remember what they wore on Valentine’s Day last year. ūüôĀ

Though most of these habits are inevitable because of the chemical locha, the next time you start blushing when your crush comes up and talks to you, just remember how silly you’re probably looking, and you’ll get back to normal.

You’re welcome.

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