Say Hello To Weed-Wine, Which Will Let You Relish Your ‘Two’ True Loves Together!

Most stoners don’t appreciate alcohol and vice versa. Alcohol lovers aren’t too fond of the Bum Bhole either. But this particular product might just bring the two communities together and make people who like both, rejoice!

Winemakers in California are commercially producing marijuana-laced wines, known as Canna Vine. So now, you can get drunk and not feel bad about it!


But, hold your horses! This honour comes with a few conditions.

  • You can get your hands on a bottle of this elixir only on a prescription.
  • It’s extremely expensive, like $120-400 for half a bottle.
  • It’s only available in the state of California, US.

If you think you can check all of these in your list, you’re a lucky person. 😀


The component used in the production of Mary Jane Wines is hemp CBD which does not get you high as opposed to marijuana which is rich in psychoactivity producing THC.

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Stay awesome folks!

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Source : Elite Daily, Mary Jane Wines