From Virginity Tests To ‘Gifts’, People List Wedding Traditions They’d Like To Skip In Their Shaadi

Every culture has its own set of wedding traditions. Having said that, off late, couples have been skipping the traditions they don’t agree with or find regressive and replacing them with new ones they actually believe in.

For example, an IRTS officer got his wedding invites printed on seed paper that could be grown into plants. A Bengali bride challenged the rice throwing at her bidaai saying that she could never repay her parents’ debts. And a Mumbai couple hosted their wedding at an old-age home instead of a fancy venue.

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People from across the world are now naming the traditions they don’t want to include in their wedding in a Quora thread explaining the reason behind it as well.


2. Celebrating puberty

3. Animals (Horses in ghudchadi, elephants and birds that get set free)

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4. Throwing eggs

5. Bachelors’ party

6. Wedding gifts

7. Expensive rings

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8. Cake smash

9. No traditions whatsoever

10. Regressive vows

11. Lavish weddings with huge expenditure

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12. Virginity test

Personally, we love how couples are limiting their guest lists, hosting intimate weddings that are plastic-free and taking steps to avoid food waste while truly enjoying and dancing at their wedding.

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