Video: Kids Help Parents Recreate Every Marriage Milestone On 42nd Wedding Anniversary!


You’ve probably heard of cake cuttings, parties, or vacations to celebrate marriage anniversaries. But have you seen a couple create a timeline video of sorts depicting their milestones together? A South-Indian couple celebrating 42 years of marital bliss did exactly that and the video is going viral online.

The anniversary video depicts significant events in their lives through flower petals marking the year in which they happened. The wedding in 1978, their first child in 1979, buying their own house in 2000, welcoming their first grandchild in 2009, and so on.

People said that the wholesome video showcases what’s most important – family! Many Twitter users including actress Raveena Tandon praised the creativity and effort that went behind the sweet celebration.



Showing this to our parents for their next anniversary!

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