Move Over Live Counters, Guests At This Wedding Made Their Own Rotis! Watch Video

Indian weddings have evolved over the years. If you think about the dinner experience alone, you would realise that years before there used to be this sit-and-eat arrangement, then came the buffet system, and then the live counters. However, in a video that’s being shared on social media, we found out that a wave of change has come that nobody asked for.

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That’s right. In the video, we see how guests at a wedding were skillfully making their own rotis. Two middle-aged men were at it, while one was giving it the heat, the other was rolling it over fire – all while holding a plate of food in their hands.

Have a look:

People online found this new trend hilarious and thought about the other changes that could take place next – like bringing your own forks and spoons and cleaning the plate after finishing the food! Have a look:

Don’t you think that this is a bit too uncomfortable for the wedding guests?

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