A Wedding Guest Marries The Bride After Groom Flees To His GF On Their Marriage Day

You might have heard the elderly saying, ‘what is meant to happen will happen, no matter what.’ I didn’t believe this until I heard about this one-of-a-kind wedding.

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The residents of a village in Tarikere taluk of Chikkamagaluru district in the Indian state of Karnataka witnessed the matrimony of two people who weren’t even expected to meet, leave about marrying each other. Their union happened after the groom-to-be fled from the wedding venue, moments before saying ‘I do’.

As reported by Bangalore Mirror, two brothers, namely Ashok and Naveen, were to get married last weekend at the same venue. A day before, Naveen and his bride-to-be Sindhu enjoyed the pre-wedding rituals, posed for photographs, and even received greetings from the guests. Everything was going fine until Naveen mysteriously disappeared from the venue at night.

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Everyone tried to look for the would-be-groom but in vain. Naveen decided to slip away from his own wedding, in the presence of all the guests, after his girlfriend threatened him and declared she would drink poison in front of the guests and ruin the wedding. Not thinking much, Naveen fled to meet his girlfriend in Tumakuru as promised. And since then, there’s no word about him.

While his other brother, Ashok, tied the knot on the set date, Naveen’s wife-to-be, Sindhu, and her family were devastated. After Sindhu began crying uncontrollably, her family members decided to look for another suitable groom for her among the guests present on the spot.

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Much to everyone’s surprise, they even found another life partner for her. After being the eye-witness of the grim situation, Chandrappa, a BMTC conductor, volunteered to marry Sindhu.

That’s when both the families sat down, finalized the wedding vows, and got Chandrappa and Sindhu married on the same date.

Who would have thought they would meet each other at a wedding set up and end up marrying each other? Isn’t this pure fate?

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