Odisha Couple Urge Wedding Guests To Donate Blood Instead Of Gifts, Takes Oath On Constitution

We were a bit surprised when a lawyer couple came up with a ‘constitution-themed wedding card’ to invite their guests. But seems like going by the constitution on weddings has become a trend.

Now, bidding adieu to the lavish customs and unique ceremonies, a couple solemnized their marriage by taking an oath on the Indian Constitution.

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According to a report by India Today, Bijay Kumar (29) and Shruti Saxena (27) are residents of Berhampur in Odisha and are working for a private company in Chennai. Their wedding guests were surprised not to find a wedding mandap on the venue to take the seven pheras with the absence of a pandit ji who would otherwise wed the couple according to Hindu customs and rituals.

The couple got into matrimony with the groom tying a garland around the neck of the bride. The couple then took their wedding vows based on the Constitution of India.

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Soon after their wedding, the duo lied down on a stretcher, decked in wedding finery, and donated blood at the blood donation camp near the reception venue.

As their wedding gift, they urged the guests to donate blood instead. They even requested the guests to pledge to donate their organs after their demise.

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“I met Bijay in Chennai in 2015. We work together. Our common friends brought us together. Our marriage is a different one. We took an oath, and then donated blood. I think we have fulfilled our duties towards society. I hope it will be an example for others. I feel happy,” said the bride.

Apparently, they aren’t the first couple in the family to tie the knot this unique way. The groom’s dad, D Mohan Rao, informed that back in 2019 his elder son also got married by taking an oath to the Constitution after convincing the bride’s family.

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“This time too, we had to convince Shruti’s family, who are from Uttar Pradesh, to solemnize the wedding in the name of the Indian Constitution. Such marriages should happen more often, without caste, dowry, and other traditional rituals. This will help dissipate the social evils,” Rao added.

In the world of glitz and glam, and wedding sho-sha, there exist these people living the reality. Kudos!

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