Couples Share #WeMetOnTwitter Stories & Singles Are Giving It The Meme Treatment!

The most common question couples get asked is, “Where did you guys meet?”. And the answer can be anything from cousin’s shaadi, college, office, gym to the microblogging site Twitter! Yes, the latest trending hashtag #WeMetOnTwitter is urging netizens to share stories of how they met their better halves, friends or confidantes on the platform.

We thought Twitter was for viral challenges, witty replies and a daily dose of news but turns out the website is just as popular as dating apps as far as meeting new people is concerned. This hashtag has spread like wildfire!

And people have delivered. They’re tweeting aww-worthy instances of how they met their favourite person on Twitter. Take a look.

But the trend also gave birth to a host of jokes and memes because why should couples have all the fun? Single people on Twitter started a meme fest with their own hilarious spin on the hashtag and it is an absolute laugh riot. Check out some of the best ones.

So, did you meet anyone special on the social media platform or are you part of the singles club? Tell us in the comments below.

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