Bengal Railway Station Draws Social-Distancing Circles In The Funniest Places, See Pics


If you are someone who has visited public places like markets, malls, railway stations, airports, etc. in recent times, you would know that authorities have taken various measures to ensure social-distancing. Drawing circles for people to stand at a safe distance from each other is one of such measures.

However, a railway station in West Bengal has drawn such social-distancing circles in the most bizarre places, some of which don’t even offer a person space to stand straight!!

How is this the right place to draw a circle?

Image source

Or this?

Image source

You’d have to agree, the person who drew these circles indeed has a creative mind!

I mean…

Image source
Image source
Image source

These pictures were posted on Twitter by a user @MiishNottyAna. Have a look at her tweets and all the pictures below:

As the post went viral, it started to rain jokes and memes under the comment section! It’s safe to say that the most common reaction was, “Kaun hai yeh log? Kaha se aate hai?”

Even though the circles are drawn in unusual spots, the person in charge deserves extra points for creativity!

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