Men List Effective Ways To Deal With Relatives Judging Them For Not Having Kids

Needless to say, everyone’s entitled to live their life on their own terms. Getting married, having a baby, prioritizing your career- all these should be one’s own decisions, right? But some of us fail to acknowledge this reality, especially our relatives.

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This is precisely what men on Reddit think too. Hence, to make our task of ignoring their judgmental glares easy, they shared effective ways of dealing with relatives who judge one’s decision of living a child-free life.

What are some effective ways you used in dealing with relatives when they started judging your childfree life? from AskMen

From turning a blind eye to them to simply coming up with bizarre reasons, men listed down tried and tested ways to ignore relatives who judge them for not having a baby.

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Don’t meet them whatsoever.

Ankhon me ankhein daal k ignore kardo!

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The ‘we are trying’ argument.

Giving practical insights.

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“I don’t want to be a parent” > “I don’t want kids”

Simply, ask for help.

Time will tell.

And lastly..

Well, these sure are some tips most of us need to learn RN. What say?

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